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Virgin Design25/02/2002
Well here it is, my first design for oswd and im kind of excited about it. Its a simple design but very functional i think. Easy to navigate - i personally like being able to move from one section of the site straight to another section of the site without having to go 'back' to get to the navigation menu.

I have used a little bit of CSS in it, however only learning that still so by no means is it anything impressive. Pretty much just stuff to modify the font, size and links & stuff of that nature.

Ive commented some of the files so that you can easily insert some of your own links into the site where they might normally go in the navigation but other than that its uncommented. It also validates beautifully which i was kind of shocked about - but since its mandatory i learnt a few things about html in the process ;)

Hope you enjoy it, drop me a line if you use it some day.

The New Beginning24/02/2002
Unfortunately my ISP has changed their AUP and T & C for the 5 time in the last 8 months and this time im out. Its rediculous! The crappy thing is that i have to fit the bills for signing up with another ISP because their service is now substandard and over priced. ;-|



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